Generational Poverty Characteristics

Some very familiar characteristics of generational poverty are a belief in fate, lives in the moment and an importance on relationship. I can remember having my income tax (which I cheated on) already spent before my rapid refund arrived in my hands. Because there was no way I was waiting on the snail mail of regular filing for my money.

A belief in fate surfaces when you are rarely seen as having choice and when you can not control bad things from happening. Someone who grows up in generational poverty and uses the casual register of language may find the larger society as authoritative, lacking understanding or care and not to be trusted. A person who has had to work in menial jobs, live with relatives and family members due to the high cost of housing, may find it hard to believe the larger society has any real knowledge or concern for their well being.

When you are surrounded by pawn shops, pay day lenders, rent-a-centers, bars, liquor stores, mom and pop grocery stores and buy here pay here car dealers it is easy to see how one can grow embittered and distrusting.

If this is unfamiliar to you and if so are you willing to see empathetically? Are you willing to shed your preconceived notions? Why? Why Not?


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